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Terms of Use

Details on how we operate.


Looking to get farm-fresh organic veggies year round? 

Sign up for 26 weeks prepaid and receive a 5% discount on your subscription. 

Sign-up for 52 weeks prepaid and receive a 10% discount on your subscription.


Prepaid subscriptions are still eligible for skipping boxes upon request. 



Cancelling or Holding Your Box

Going out of town or simply just have too much produce for that week? Put your account on hold at any time, for any reason, with AT LEAST 3 days (72 hours) advance notice. Within 3 days of delivery we have begun the picking process. If you forget to put your account on hold, please consider gifting it to a family member or friend.

In order to put your account on hold simply log into your account at:

Click on the "delivery hold" tab and enter the dates you'd like to skip. You will receive an email confirming the hold dates you selected.
Please note if you are logging into your account via your mobile phone, instead of clicking on the "delivery hold" tab, please look for the .

Refund / Credit: If you believe you deserve a credit for poor quality or damaged produce, please email us. We will evaluate cases individually. Be sure to include what day/time you picked up the produce, how it was stored, and pictures if possible. We strive to always maintain consistency in offering you the highest quality of organic produce. Any and all feedback helps us improve our systems and catch issues early on.


Bread, Honey, Organic Cheese and Other Extras

We also offer extras, such as honey, organic cheese, Organic bread options from Penny Oven Bakery, and other delicious non-vegetable items, in our Farmigo store. The items change depending on supply. This service is for CSA members only.

Thanks for being part of the Sunrise Family!

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